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Hell no Keystone XL must go

America now exports more than 50% of it’s refinery output. This southern leg runs right through tornado alley where the storm intensities are increasing. How much of Canada’s garbage oil will be dumped if the pipeline is hit by a category 5? The only people benefitting from these pipelines are the oil executives like the koch brothers who use those obscene bonuses and salaries to subvert American Democracy while sticking the cost of the clean-ups to the american Tax payers. Twenty-two years after the Exxon-valdez spill there are still stretches of Prince William Sound that are barren of auquatic life and stretches where oil keeps coming up where it was buried fouling the water more. Twenty-one months  after the Kalamazoo, Michigan oil spill that sent close to a million gallons of ter-sands oil into a tributary of the Kalamazoo river, crews still struggle with the clean up and residents still try to live with the health effects. Twenty-three months after the BP Horizon Deep water disaster that spewed million of gallons of oil and BP put millions of gallons of chemical dispersements into the Gulf areas of the Gulf are still getting put off limit to fishing and sea-life still washes on-shore after dying due to the oil and chemicals in the water. Oil clumps still wash ashore to befoul the beaches. Why should we be the conduit for Canada’s garbage oil the when it will be we americans who will pay the price of an oil spill. already the digging of the tar sands oil is destroying the habitat of the caibou to the extent that the government up there has authorized the killing of a 1,000 wolves to try to bring the caribou back. If America gives Keystone XL access to cross the largest fresh water aquifer, that will mean expediated digging of the tar sands, depletion of more of the caibou’s range so the government can authorize yet more wolf deaths to try to bring the caribou back. what the caribou needs is the reclamation of the ranges. They, the polar bear and all the other living things being pushed to the edge of extinction do not need more dirty fuel taken from the earth and sent to pollute our air…



Stop Cannibalizing Earth, Start Harvesting the Sun’s Bounty. No Keystone Pipeline.
I second this guy…NO XL!